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can't think of a standalone favorites manager off the top of my head but you might find these useful...

am-deadlink great for checking deadlinks in your favorites list (also can download the webpage address icons for you if they are broken).

favourites to html will create an html page for you with all your favorites set out with a nicely formatted folder structure.

ie favorites extractor similar to the above but outputs to different file formats.

these are all free too.  :)

quick edit - just looked at Belkasoft - they have a program called 'LinksManager' which looks like it would do what you are after. i've not tried it though.

A bit late, I'll admit, but I wanted to mention one thing about AntiVir Personal vs AVG ...

I had AntiVir Personal installed on a relatives machine for some time, and while it was quite nice (even though the GUI could need an upgrade from the Win3.11 look), it had a really silly update procedure. They were connected by 28.8k modem, and AntiVir Personal insisted on downloading a complete 4.5mb installer and reinstall itself each time it was updated :wallbash:.

After switching to AVG, it's usually a 400k virus definition update, which is much better :up:.

Of course if you're on a cable connection, it doesn't matter much  ;).

point of clarification:

antivir updates are of 2 types
1 type is small download that just updates with 1 click

the other type actually redownloads the entire installer and reruns it
requiring you to step through the installer steps all over again.

it doesnt do the full download every time, but i agree it happens enough to be annoying and a big download.
but its not on every update.  hopefully they'll address this one day.

Thanks for the clarification .. I guess I never experienced the smaller download because it only got updated when I was visiting -- probably about once a month or so. Either way, as you say, it's a pretty bad method of doing auto-update in AV software ::).

tried antivir - now gone back to avg. and like a fool i can't even remember what the reason was now - it was only a couple of days ago.

ah yes, just remembered - i noticed that whilst antivir was running there was extra network activity going on. i assumed it was downloading in the background even though i'm sure i hadn't selected it to do so.

it was definately antivir that was doing it as i kept turning it off and on to check the difference. it's not a big thing but i just found it annoying.


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