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Fresh Devices has several free programs, but I'm guessing a long past history because you don't hear much about them, one old anti-spyware app triggers on the name, Roadrunner cable access filters their email address. However over the last 3-4 years I haven't had a problem, their programs seem compatible in Vista, and they offer several [IMHO Very nice] utilities that seem to work very well indeed. A mini review of their products might be unique & welcomed by forum users/visitors.

On the topic of sites, I'm guessing that a quick list of software problem reporting sites might be useful. In many cases the publisher doesn't provide such a thing. The example that jumps to mind is Corel: Tablet prob in Draw 12 Suite, and terrible install problems in WP X3. In other cases [like Roxio] the forums are at times more focussed on BIT***** than practical results [do this -> fix this].

RE: AV review... Wondering if it might not be useful to include a poll? With the arrival of Vista, I've seen loads of AV compatibility prob reports with certain combos of other software.

RE: Older programs [i.e. I believe a few older spreadsheet apps were mentioned]... Vista seems to have much better compatibility than earlier versions of Windows -- I can run win95/98 programs that I reluctantly abandoned to move to XP. How about a feature(s) on old favorites that can be resurrected in Vista? 

I've just spent an hour winnowing through "work flow" and "project management" software, at the request of a client.

Any decent suggestions would be appreciated.  Ideally, I'd like to find several packages ranging from quick n dirty, intuitive and simple to use/learn, right up to full blown management-of-the universe type proggies.

I am not overly familiar with this type of software, not being a management type of person - when I need this type of organization, I can generally cobble together a chart of some sort in Open Office Draw. However, some types apparently need the extra structure that "workflow" software will provide for them.



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