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Review suggestions

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Here are the categories we plan on reviewing next:

Best File/Folder Comparison Tool.
Best Web Change Monitor.

Please let us know what you think we should review next..  Once we get enough members we can use a weekly poll to decide what categories we should judge, that way members can get reviews that are most useful to them.

we could also investigate getting more reviewers to increase the quantity of reviews.

I vote for Best File/Folder Comparison Tool :)

A couple of ideas for future reviews:

* Best Programmers Editor
* Best E-mail Client
* Best Process Explorer
* Best Archiver
* Best FTP Client
* Best Image Viewer/Browser
* Some smilies for this forum ;)

very good suggestions.

we should have an award for tools that people didn't even know they needed.

speaking of best editor, i made another macro for ultraedit, im thinking of making a place for them;  the more i make ultra edit macros though, the more i see that this is the achilles heel of ultraedit..  it's macro support is HORRIBLE.

smiley's enabled  :)

Groovy :Thmbsup:.

will there be any distinction between free and non free software or is this already catered for in how the reviews will be done.


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