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Thank you for this site and the people here.

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Dear Jeff,

First take my excuse that i answer so late. Got notice of your post only now.

I agree with you that DC, with all his great members, can be (and for me, like you, IS) a vital part of life.

This results in, that i feel very deep with the success, failure, happiness and, as in your case, the condolement of regular and well known members, like you.

I'm not very good in saying such things. So i can only say that i'm really sorry to hear from your situation and i feel sorry myself too for what happened to you.  :( And it's getting worse when i have a look at the age of your loved one.  It's so unfair when someone have to leave so young. :( :(

But, as you got now finally through all the cruel administrative things that must be done, until furneral is over, you now can and should look forward into your future life. Even if you don't can and shouldn't forget your life with Dawn of course, and you never can't get her out of your mind and heart. But please always remember the happy days spent together with her and not the last six months.

So i wish you, that your family and we here on DC can give you all the neccessary strength to get you back to normal life and help you over the upcoming hard times you still will have until your "wounds healed" and it won't hurt anymore as much as it do now.

With very sad greetings

Joto's post reminded me of something -- a lot of us hang out in the irc channel and chat (via text not voice!) during the day as we work.  Anyone is welcome to join if you need some company.

You can join the discussion via the web by clicking the "chat" button at the top of the forum, or better yet install a proper irc program (mirc, xchat, etc) and join the #donationcoder channel on efnet.

Jeff, my wife has been going through a series of surgeries this past year (4 and counting) and I understand how medical priorities and life gets in the way of tuning into the net. I appreciate your broad contributions to this site and to its personality. As others have said in various ways, we're grateful to know you and cherish your friendship here.

I just revisited this thread and thank you all for your good wishes.  Brought tears to my eyes once again.

Life has been hectic, reorienting myself, but I have still been keeping an eye on the forum.

I must have missed your last post, Zaine.  I pray things are getting better for your wife and you.

Thanks everyone once again.  If my dream comes true I will be able to visit the US sometime and meet some of you at a DC get together.




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