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Thank you for this site and the people here.

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Sorry to hear that news Jeff, take it easy, look after yourself

Lest I fall into the aforementioned seeming apathy of absence, I should say: Your presence exudes life, even in such a difficult time.  Surely this was to her, before and during the worst of it, a great source of light.  It's a shame  you had to lose her sooner than you'd have liked, but it would be a shame for her to be lost by anyone who would not have loved her so much.

Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives. ~Lucan

Thank you all for your wonderful expressions of support.  I deeply appreciate each one and also the PM messages that some have sent.

I was writing Dawn's eulogy yesterday (the funeral is 2pm today Thursday AEST) and was feeling quite calm about the whole thing.  Then I read your wonderful post, allen.  Took me about an hour to recover my composure.  Thank you allen, and everyone for your very kind words.

Tomorrow I'm going to Brisbane for a few days to be with family and then I will return hopefully to some kind of normality.  I shall continue to read the forum and am enjoyng it, eg the posts about Windows Start Menu.

Best wishes,


Sorry to hear, Jeff.

Please forgive me for not having more to say...
I'm sure your name will be in the prayers of those of us who offer them.



I'm really really sorry to hear about your wife
- I've shed a tear reading your post & others here too.
Don't know what else to say - thanks for being there & if we can help ...



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