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Thank you for this site and the people here.

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I am here today asking for your understanding that someone might want to bring up a serious personal issue on a forum which is primarily about software.

I do this because this is my third most frequently visited internet place behind my email and where I help moderate.

I do this because I have received a great deal of pleasure from this site.

I do this because contributing and receiving from this site has been a good part of my life.

I do this because this site and the people here have helped me through the last six, very difficult months for me, even though you did not know it.

I do this because even though this is just an internet site and I have received wonderful support from my "real" life friends, I none the less regard many of you I have contact with on this site as my good friends also.

So I just let you know that my dear wife of 30+ years, Dawn, passed away yesterday after a six month battle with cancer.

In between caring for her, my visits to the DonationCoder site have been welcome therapy and respite for me.

I know that the experience of this site and the wonderful people here will be part of my future, to which I look forward with some joy.

Regards and best wishes to each of you,

Vaya con Dios,



I'm very sorry to hear of your loss.  Thank you for sharing.  I pray that you will find comfort in God and that He will bless and strengthen you during your time of grief.

Please accept my sincere sympathy on the death of your wife. I am very sorry that she is no longer with you.

IMHO reaching out to others is ALWAYS appropriate. Spider Robinson says that shared pain diminishes and shared joy increases.  I sincerely hope that we as a community can help diminish your grief at this time, and that we will again be able to share your joys in the future.  Share as little or as much as seems appropriate to you, and know that members of this community are holding you in our thoughts.

I'm sorry to hear that - hope you're relatively okay.

DonationCoder is a pretty great community with some pretty great members, it's not just about software imho.


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