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Yea, I need to re-adjust my 25 hour/8 day/55 week computer time schedule a bit ;D

The program should be a lot more convenient, and like I said I hope to get the Microsoft/Windows Update part also included, not sure how I would do that yet (I may add a virus/spyware scan in there also). Hope it helps out, can't be much easier to do cleaning :)

GOSH DANG IT :mad:!!!

OK, sorry about this, but one more update to the program. The clicking was now completely useless and would crash the program. This fixes that. Sorry :-[

EDIT: Updated and major improved version below! :D

First, I havent tried this out, & probably wont get the chance for a while

I'm still a bit wary of CCleaner from my own experience - I'm not against it, just wary  :)
also I see Gizmo has it as Best Free File Cleaner
but he does say the following:

There are some minuses: first the installation settings are quite aggressive so do check them carefully. Second the product installation, by default, includes the installation of the Yahoo Toolbar so if you don't want it, make sure you uncheck that option. Finally I wouldn't trust this product to do your Registry cleaning; that's a job for a specialist utility. Similarly if your aim is to remove all your surfing traces rather than just to clean up your disk I'd be inclined to use a specialist cache cleaner.

However if simply freeing up disk space is your objective the CCleaner is hard to beat.

A good companion to CCleaner is Empty Temp Folders. It's not as complete a product as CCleaner and it's been a while since it was last updated however I find it always manages to clean more temporary file than CCleaner. That's why I suggest you use both.

Another cleaner with a solid following is Steven Gould's CleanUP! [3].  It's a compact, well designed and very well maintained and is a real alternative to CCleaner. I've had a couple of instances of it causing problems on my test PC but this may be specific to my setup. Certainly the feedback I get from users has been uniformly excellent.-
I'm not sure how you're using it Brandon,
just came across that & thought I'd throw it in there FWIW

It seems to have come along way, and besides, the AutoMaintenance program doesn't tell you what to check anymore- its all personal preference. :) It is worth saying that:

(Just FYI the caps here don't mean yelling, just pointing out things)

During the automatic setup, I have ensured that the Yahoo! Toolbar is NOT installed. :)
I do NOT use the program for registry cleaning :) (meaning that the AutoMaintenance program doesn't, either)
Steven Gould's CleanUp! (hint, CleanUp!) is ALREADY USED (the 2nd tool) :D

It hasn't done any harm to any of my machines, so it couldn't hurt to backup your data (if you need to) and give it a shot. :Thmbsup:

you seem to have it all covered  :)

I found a program called EasyCleaner, and it looked like a really good program but I can't test/use it because it isn't compatible with Windows Vista :(. And it apparantly hasn't been updated in a while...
-wreckedcarzz (June 30, 2007, 01:11 PM)
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Just for the record (though  :-\ )
there is a beta version of easycleaner and it's portable - I've no idea does it run on vista (you'd think it would but...)
I'm happy to see it's still in development anyway

I haven't personally experienced problems with it - with Windows Vista I have had some odd bugs though, but I haven't really linked them to a source yet. I just (right now) looked through CCleaner's list of things to clean/delete and I didn't see anything about startup options (unless it fixed them in the registry cleaning part).-wreckedcarzz (June 30, 2007, 01:11 PM)
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Yes that (minor) problem I had was it cleaning the registry of disabled startup progs (I had planned just to disable them temporarily)

EDIT added link for Beta


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