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Is is possible to flip the display in real time?

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Sorry for reopening this old topic, but, well - it's 2012 now: is there any software to horizontally flip display in real time, on Windows?

Current nVidia drivers usually offer this as a feature (per connected monitor), but I don't know about other drivers/ways/tools.

No nVidia here, sorry.

[...] (per connected monitor) [...]
-Ath (February 15, 2012, 04:50 AM)
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Do you mean, it needs a second monitor for the feature to work?

AMD also offer the option, as does Intel integrated gfx, (well it does on my old netbook).

AMD CCC tray icon right-click menu

Do you mean, it needs a second monitor for the feature to work?-insert_nick (February 15, 2012, 05:14 AM)
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No, he means that you can flip each monitor connected to the card individually - it's not all or nothing.

As per screenshot, each item marked AMD Radeon HD6800 Series is one output connected to a possible monitor, each has it's own setting irrespective of the others.

EDIT: Although, after having tried it, (and the attendant reversed mousing), it's actually 180deg rotation not flipping.


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