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Is is possible to flip the display in real time?

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Hello all...

I ran into a person that needs a program that can flip the display in real time. It can't just be rotated, it must mirror the display, in real time too.

Long story short, sometimes they need to use the monitor normally, sometimes they need to use it through a mirror.

I see that the nVidia drivers will let you rotate the display, but it wont flip it. Also I doubt NVRotate works wit' other video card brands...

Anyway, anyone know of a program that will do this? Also, does anyone think this is within the scope of a coding snack?

flip screen you have to register on the site to download the free program, I would guess registration is free, I havent used the program, but it seems like it might work, I dunno.

It looks like that program is for Linux... sorry for not specifying before, they need it for a Windows machine.

I figured you wanted windows, I just did a quick search,I was at school at the time, I will now go do a better search

ok, I havn't found anything, someone else might be able to find something

i think i remember some driver software that came with my graphics card (back in the days when i used windows) that had a switch to flip the screen.

general answer to general question: yes you can flip your screen in real time
if you want to do it in pure software it might not work tho


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