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Is is possible to flip the display in real time?

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Ok, tests done (Windows XP) - here's the report.
Thank you very much, 4wd: you're an amazing software discoverer!

Mirrorimage seems slow, or anyway not fast enough on my PC for painting usage.

Image Mirror is great for this usage, in extended desktop setup with two monitors: I put the Image Mirror in the second monitor, and the painting app in the first one, choose the right refresh rate, and I get a fast enough mirrored view of what I'm painting.

Still, I'm interested in other findings, both for avoiding the necessity of a second monitor, and to obtain faster responsiveness, i.e. maybe something tailored to painting usage could monitor and update *fast* only a small area (around where the pointer is detected), and slow the rest of the flipped region. In fact, for 90% of the time, painting is about moving the pointer and leaving a trail near there ;)

Contacted the author of Image Mirror:
Hi, I've tried Image Mirror in search of something that could help for a different usage. It's close to what I need, but still not there.

But, trying Image Mirror, I see you could very well be able to make what I'm searching for: could you consider writing such a software (starting from Image Mirror's code), or adding features to Image Mirror?

I would like to paint in whatever software (in Windows), but the screen should be flipped horizontally. It should be tailored to painting, i.e. for responsiveness maybe it could update fast only a small area (around where the pointer is), while the rest of the flipped region could be updated slower.
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Also specified a link to this thread.

Mirrorimage seems slow, or anyway not fast enough on my PC for painting usage.-insert_nick (February 15, 2012, 07:36 AM)
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Given that there is source code, perhaps it's possible to recode to use DirectX instead of the GDI interface, I would think that would give it a boost.
But then, is the slowdown in the source window polling or the output?

Thank you very much, 4wd: you're an amazing software discoverer!
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 :-[  Thanks, it's all about how you hold your tongue while typing in search terms.

Another brainwave, (yes, that is scary), you'll still need two monitors but in theory you can stream your Desktop, (and whatever is on it), in real-time using VLC with an input URL of screen://, see here.
Then run another instance of VLC, with its output window on the other monitor, to receive the stream, see here, with a Video Transformation filter of Flip Horizontally, (--transform-type=hflip).

You also may be able to use a single monitor if you only want to flip a window by using the VLC screen-(left,right,height,width) options specifying the windows location on the Desktop, then use the other half of the Desktop for the playback window.  Something that could be semi-automated using AHK or AutoIT to grab the window coordinates and pass them as VLC parameters.

Someone more knowledgeable with VLC may be able to help, (I don't use it).

Or this VH Screen Capture Driver and use VLC for the video transform and output, (input stream VHScrCap://).

Good brainwaves, 4wd, that can all be explored.

Anyway, Image Mirror' author, in the very same day I contacted him, implemented my suggestion: I tested it and replied (it was ok), and in the morning I had a mail announcing that on the website a new fresh release of the software was available. Fantastic.

From my tests, it seems to work very well (I still need to investigate on some problems, but I don't know if they're related to Image Mirror).

Unfortunately, there's no way to avoid the need of two screens, because Image Mirror can only flip a rectangular area that is actually shown somewhere in the desktop.

Making a software capable of just flipping the screen, in Windows, seems to be a very challenging task, if possible.

At the moment, I think Image Mirror is the best solution - of course let me know here if some better solution is found.


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