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Super Flexible File Synchronizer Pro says Zaine

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Just tried unison, and it has the same problem: it copies over the entire file. I dunno what i'm doing wrong, this cannot be that difficult.

This is important because just playing music, I may end up updating a mdb file daily, that is 57mb x 265 = 20gb of storage in a normal, uncompressed incremental backup.

Doing delta sync would save a lot of disk space on this.

For FTP backups, savings are fundamental anyway.

Well, in my tests (.mdb, .rar files) after checking the box for "use partial file updating" it simply copies the entire content.
Either it doesn't work, or it is really convoluted.

Docs are sparse, it feels like this feature is still being implemented (doesn't work with ftp).
-urlwolf (March 13, 2007, 03:20 PM)
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Correction: After a quick mail exchange with Tobias (the author), SFFS DOES do delta updating and it works. You just have to activate the logs and look at them.

This is looking like an absolutely killer app. people here working with backup4all, syncBack etc may get a lot faster transfers, and maybe indexing too.

Another killer feature is that SFFS can cache the tree in the destination, which should improve indexing. One can set how often the tree gets refreshed.

No news on how to make unison do delta updating though.

now to get a DC rebate ;)

news on unison delta update.
It uses rsync, so it does work only when using a remote connection.
If you copy from local to local, no delta update.
So SFFS seems to be unique in that.

To make SFFS work like a backup program, say backup4all do:
(1) create your normal profile, left to right.
(2) Select "add timestamp to filename" (note: do not use delta updating here)
(3) Keep as many versions as you like (say 10)
(4) zip files if needed
(5) create another profile by copying the first one, but swap the paths, so it's "right to left"
(6) test it

Deltacopy is a reliable free rsync app for windows, and can do local as well as remote sync:


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