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Super Flexible File Synchronizer Pro says Zaine

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According to Inray's comment in fileforums, in terms of speed, it seems that the fastest is robocopy (not tested). this is a cmd utility, but there is a GUI here

Unison uses the rsync algorithm, should be the fastest since it does the smartest move: copy only the bits that change, not the entire file.

There is an excellent review/tutorial of unison here

An even easier tutorial to install unison on winXP

Well, my needs for file syncing are fairly simple, updating my file archives primarily and specific directories on occasion. For this purpose I find Karen Kenworthy's Replicator to be all I need, easy to setup and use, and fast enough. I also like the fact I can easily filter out what files or file types I do not want included in the Data Backups (desktop.ini for example).

I also use Karen's "Once A Day" util (same page) to fire batch files when I bootup for incremental backups of a few specific dirs.

I might add I do not use proprietary compression formats (ZIP etc) for Data Backups, nor do I upload using FTP, so these utils may not suit those who do, or it's subsequent steps in your procedure.

Ok, Super Flexible does delta updating too. Not over ftp though.

Well, in my tests (.mdb, .rar files) after checking the box for "use partial file updating" it simply copies the entire content.
Either it doesn't work, or it is really convoluted.

Docs are sparse, it feels like this feature is still being implemented (doesn't work with ftp).


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