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Super Flexible File Synchronizer Pro says Zaine

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If Zaine says it, I believe it and you can too!

Although its a typically excellent German program, it has a very Japanese name, and the two words I’d use to describe Super Flexible File Synchronizer Pro (SFFS) are fast and accurate. The UI is also well thought out. Best of all, it gives you control over exactly what goes where and how it syncs — at the point of synching. It’s also great for exact mirroring, and while Super Flexible File Synchronizer Pro should really be considered a commercial app; that is, an enterprise one, given its deep feature set. Its trial version is fully functional, letting you thoroughly test and compare it to other synching apps, so give it a shot!

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Has anybody compared this to syncBack? I own syncBack, but I'm a bit disappointed by it. is this really faster than others?

Another contender (maybe) for people changing large files often (i.e., digital photos?) is laplink's speedsynch stuff...

Backup4all can do one-way synch (useful to have say a remote FTP copy) as well, using the mirror option (no compression). Not useful if you update the files in both locations, that's for sure.

BTW, Super Flexible might be a good program to get a DC discount for. Zaine, are you up for the task (since you discovered it).

Also, how about beyond compare for this task (sync'ing)? It is definitely cheaper, and it works well.

I have licenses for a number of tools and SFFS beats them all.
Some have poor UI, some don't support this or that method, some insist on zipping. None do the things that SFFS does, does them as accurately nor with as little impact on my system.
One thing I like with SFFS is that the config is stored in an INI instead of a database or reg entries.

A discount would be a good thing, but the tool is worth the asking price.


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