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CPU Usage shoots up to 100% !?!

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just a small update.. there is a known problem where upon installing WinXP SP2, the CPU usage maxes out at 100%. probably it's not related to me as mine is an Abit motherboard related problem but i was curious to try it out.

so as per instruction, i requested for this hot-fix by giving them my email but it has been like 3 days and i've yet receive any reply.. :o even though, there was a notice saying: "A Microsoft Professional will respond to you via e-mail within 8 business hours."


-lanux128 (September 06, 2007, 08:36 PM)
--- End quote ---

I just went hunting around the web for you, and found said hotfix without having to contact Microsoft :)

I uploaded it for you here: [Download KB890582 here]

thanks Dirhael! that is wonderful.. :Thmbsup: i just checked my mail again and no news yet, so i'm going to use the link and will keep you posted. thanks again.. :)

No problem at all :)

My CPU recently burnt up and I replaced it.  Since replacing my cpu, it runs at 100% almost all the time.  When I resart my computer it takes a while to load.  Do you have any suggestions?


Hm, maybe the cpu cooler is not correctly mounted and the thermal protection slows the cpu down. Did you check the cpu temperature?


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