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CPU Usage shoots up to 100% !?!

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The cpu is running at 40c/104f and motherboard is 28c/82f right now.

could it be my cpu? I went from a 2.4 ghz to 3.0 cpu.  All the websites that I looked at say the motherboard will support 1.4 to 2.2+ 

"System Idle Process" is the process windows schedules when it has nothing else to do - it means your system is idle :). So the higher "CPU usage" this special pseudo-process has, the better (the less your system has to do).

40c/28c idle temperatures are fine, nothing to worry about.

Junglerooster, what type of CPU is yours? maybe the motherboard needs some new drivers to adjust to the cpu.. just my 2ยข.

I have an ASUS P4S533 Motherboard and an 2.4 GHZ 512K 533 Buss Northwood CPU.


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