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piky basket is another cool idea we will be implementing as one of the ContextMenu plugins:

changing file extensions is a good idea, especially if you remembered past settings to undo.
and copy paths to clipboard is certainly one we are going to do, with some nice extras :)
we will definitely be having a robust copy/move to favorites item (send to stuff).

as for managing other context menus, unfortunately its another kind of product entirely, though it would be nice to use in conjunction with this; i used to know a good one.

I'll really have to second Nudone's post, as I'm constantly trying to find ways to clean up unwanted  menu add-ons, usually having to do a reg edit, which can be a pain in ass. Every prgm I've tried so far leaves a great deal to be desired and causes other probs that don't always show up right away :(

just FYI only

i had used

DMEX-Menu 3.19
Explorer Contextmenu Extension

--- ---- Bulk rename
- Select with mask *.txt
- open DOS-Box here
- open two WinExplorere side by side
- recent folders to jump to

and its advantage

--- ---Version 10:
- Copy/Move on reboot commands in the "File operations" menu
- Sizeable edit boxes in toolbar
- Enter multiple masks in "Select files"
- Standalone unsplit utility
- Copy UNC paths in the "Copy to clipboard" menu
- Show UNC paths in "Change Drive" menu
- New options in the "Configuration" menu
- New icons
- Changes in the "Run programs" parameters. You will have to rebuild the program list. Sorry.
- New tool: DMEXDir. Adds a new toolbar to the explorer
to replace the address toolbar.
Shows the current path as buttons for a quick change to a parent directory.
- Drag&Drop support in DMEXCpl
- "Run Programs" and "Zip file" added to in DMEXMenu
- New Treesize column in DMEXCol (still experimental)

no home page, only to find on simtel

if anyone feels up for it, i'd love some help collecting links to and lists of existing tiny little right-click context menu tools, and the functions they provide.
-mouser (August 11, 2005, 01:44 AM)
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Hi mouser,

I've been looking for such a program for a long time, so here you have a list of some of them that I have tried (you must know most -if not all- of them, but just in case):

Context Menu Editor
ShellMenu View
Fast Explorer
File Manu Tools
Context Edit
PCMag's ContextEdit
CMenu Extender
Context Magic
Perfect Menu
Context Menu Control Freak & Mmm
jv16 PowerTools
IE Toolbar Manager

Then you have these two web sites that deal with the subject:

and also i'd love to get suggestions for right click context menu tools that you'd like to see.
-mouser (August 11, 2005, 01:44 AM)
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None of the above do ALL what they portend to do, but where I find a real good Context Menu Commander missing is in regards to Internet Explorer. jv16 allows you to delete certain entries and IE Toolbar Manager to delete and to add, but the real problem is, IMO, that neither gives you the "power to actually tame it".

Let me try to explain: you install a program (helper, BHO) and it's entries appear in the Context Menu. Then you install another one and in too many cases it "bullies out" the previous entries. You go check the Registry and they are all there, but not all of them appear in the Context Menu. Using the above mentioned programs you may delete one and see if it allows another one, but (1) once deleted you can't get it back unless you reinstall and (2) there's no way to be sure of which one will show up. If you then install another program the problem gets worse.

My apologies for the length of this post, but this is an issue I am most interested in. I have asked around even in one paid support service forum and nobody has been able to come up with an answer: how to take control of the IE Context Menu and force it to show the entries you want and hide those you don't.

So I'd be very very happy if the program you are thinking of would approach this problem. My expertise is nil and I don't know if it's possible. If it is, I hope you consider my suggestion. AFAIK, it would be a first (I am not sure about IE Toolbar Manager's Help File is useless to a non-tech person).

My English is rather limited, but I hope the idea is clear.

Thank you for reading this far :) Best wishes,



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