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if anyone feels up for it, i'd love some help collecting links to and lists of existing tiny little right-click context menu tools, and the functions they provide.-mouser (August 11, 2005, 01:44 AM)
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hi there mouser,

i'm eagerly awaiting for your app & since u asked, i'd like list down some of stuff that i've come across...

[*] NirExt v1.01 : adds 3 useful context menu extensions, i.e. Folder Properties, Advanced Run & Create Shortcut+.
[*] Unlocker : allows you to delete files/folders that are locked by Windows.
[*] Parameteriser : add command-line parameters to any program in Explorer. (similar to Advanced Run of NirExt)
[*] CopyPath :  Copy path of files or directories to the clipboard. With options such as appending to the clipboard and adding prefix/suffix to the selection.
[*] Drop To DOS : right click on any folder and choose the Drop to DOS option to take to you a command prompt within that folder. (i know there are gazilions of other programs that does the same thing... ;-))
[*] CopyURL : copy different information from your Internet Shortcut files such as Copy URL, Copy Link and Copy Name to the clipboard. This is so good that I always keep the DLL handy & just run regsvr32 on it. No installation needed...
[*] shortcutEXP : open a folder that a shortcut is pointing to.
[*] Saivert's ShortCut Shell Ext: gives you two new menu items, i.e. "Goto folder for target" and "Resolve Shortcut" (shortcutEXP's less-endowed cousin)
[*] HobComment : permits you to add/edit comments for each one of your directories
[*] 1-4a rename : File-renamer. Can be added to the folder context-menu with a reg file... (a personal favourite...)
[*] Shell Object Editor : This is not a context-menu tool but this is another favourite of mine. It allows one to create a shell object, like the "My Documents" folder. They are not real folders on your hard disk, they only refer to real folders.

ok, that will do for now, i guess...

best regards,

don't worry, this program is coming.
the main point of this app will be letting you customize and add new (and let people easily make new) context menu extensions.
but i am going to try to include a whole bunch of commands with its release.

keep these lists coming!
lanux those are some great finds.
i expect that at time of release, contextmenu commander will come with tools to do everything that these from your list currently do:
 nirext, parametizer, copypath, droptodos, copyurl, shortcutexp, saivert's.

this is not to knock these tools, only to try to provide one highly customizable tool that provides these commands in an attractive way and lets people add new ones as well.  plus this should be an ideal way for amateur coders to make thier own context menu extensions.

we will also be adding stuff like hobcomment in a variety of ways we can discuss.

i fully expect ContextMenu Commander to be one of our most popular tools.  I'm hoping for release in a month or so.

To clarify something:

while it would be nice to also add the ability to customize OTHER context menu extensions, such tools do exist (see spj'd post for a great list), the main job of ContextMenu Commander is to let you CREATE NEW Custom context menu extensions, and provide a single customization point for a bunch of plugin context menus.

That is, ContextMenu commander will not be for cleaning up your existing menus.

Most recent right click I added ...

Boot Deleter
Boot Deleter is an application that adds itself to the Windows Explorer (shell) context menu and allows you to mark files and folders to be deleted when Windows next restarts. This allows you to delete items that are locked by running programs. Items can also be marked for deletion by passing the file/folder as a command-line argument or by dropping the item onto the Boot Deleter executable icon.

ContextMenu Commander


ps. cliff why not go to your forum profile pick out an avatar for your forum image and while you're at it, set your website there so people can visit your website when they read one of your posts.


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