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mouser: will soon announce a utility that I predict will become a favorite here..
a tool for easily creating custom right-click context menu items, in a way easier and more powerful than seen in any existing program.

it will also come with a bunch of context menu tools.

we welcome your suggestions for simple right-click context menu tools you'd like to see
(like move-to-specific folder, copy path to clipboard, etc.)

if anyone feels up for it, i'd love some help collecting links to and lists of existing tiny little right-click context menu tools, and the functions they provide.

ie, things like rjh extensions,
copy path to clipboard,

and also i'd love to get suggestions for right click context menu tools that you'd like to see.

Carol Haynes:
How about SendTo (at which extends and improves the shell Send to command.

Also has two shell utils I have found useful. Path copy allows you to copy file names or path names to the clip board in long and short formats, and Date edit allows you to quickly modify file date.


Carol Haynes:
How about a quick way of changing file associations for the type of file you right click on?

I know you can do it through the Folder Options and then search for the file type, but it would be nice to have a quick way to adjust all the file association options associated with a particular file type (oen, edit, print etc), or even perhaps establish new ones.

i can't really think of any novel features to add but i'd certainly like to see some kind of option that allows you to remove items from the right click menus.

i've tried a few tools that are meant to do this already but they don't appear to work 100% or can lead to other problems.

the right click context menu that appears with internet explorer (although i use Maxthon) is particularly annoyingly full of crap.

i know a lot of this unwanted junk appears because of the programs i've installed but some of them don't provide you with a choice of whether you want them to add things to the right click menu - they just do it without your permission and with now way of disabling it.

can we have a way of regaining control of the context menus please?


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