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SkyIDE - Latest Release Information

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and finally the "almost" official screenshot! I already transferred the code into SkyIDE.

I just need to add icons

very nice looking!  :up:

Thanks Jesse!

More updates:

I have started working on C# - Things are looking good and also some UI changes:

I had to do this not just for users sake but also for my own sake too -- clean and easy to understand code!

C# support has been finalised. It works just like a C++ compiler and that was my intention.

PLUS I am advancing the customized compiler command section. Please look at this very important screenshot. I think this feature will be great when it's finished (almost).

You won't have to use SkyIDE's compiling commands. With this, you will have access to your very own command and SkyIDE will run it for you with the output displayed as expected. You click on an error line number and it will highlight the line.

I also modified the multi-file and search section.

I did some GUI touch ups in the "Modified Output" section.

When it comes to creating a GUI, I am very picky. I want everything to look good and professional.

Wow, I am extremely impressed!  I may wind up having to switch to SkyIDE from Visual C# Express...


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