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SkyIDE - Latest Release Information

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Hello everyone,

A public version of SkyIDE is finally available for download. Thanks to everyone that accepted to test SkyIDE privately. I do appreciate it. This public version probably still contains undiscovered errors. Just let me know if you find some and I will try to fix it ASAP.

Some of the screenshots on the web site are a bit out of date.

Download from:

Please let me know what you think of SkyIDE. Please also understand I am the only one working on it. It's a one man band :)

Please provide feedback.


Good work!

Thanks :) Java support should be finished in 24hrs. Really, it should only take me 1 hour to add this but I am just taking a small break. Also, Convert Tabs Into Spaces will be added. At the moment, it will be as a Tool under the tools menu. It will scan you document and do the conversion. I expect Alpha 6 with the new features by the end of the week, possibly earlier. That will make the program support a total of 3 compilers, Java, Borland C++, and GNU C++. Once this is done I will look into supporting Digital Mars and others....Although, SkyIDE is a multi-language IDE, I mostly focus on supporting hard core languages such as C++, Java. Once I have achieved this, I will try to continue further development on HTML features etc to macth other IDEs. The good thing for Java is, if you want to use something powerful but simple to use to compile Java programs, SkyIDE should be fine. Just select compile and it would work as expected, the output will be captured and manipulated.

Also, Convert Tabs Into Spaces will be added.

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That's great!!

I hope many people will use your IDE and be satisfied with it! :)

Good luck. It looks wonderful, but I am not doing a lot in C right now. Fantastic work!


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