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I'm getting a File Not Found error for this URL:

I'm getting a File Not Found error for this URL:
-kyrathaba (April 03, 2007, 09:34 AM)
--- End quote ---

I think that's because the current version is:

Yea I p.m.ed kyrathaba and explained but every old version is deleted from my server.

Some updates:

Variable and function Detection system has been thoroughly re-written (yet again) BUT
this time it is different. I am about 95% sure it will detect everything properly. Some of the stuff has been hardcoded too as I had no choice...I had to do some "char" checking within the code and even enter some (physical) C++ syntax (at one occasion only) within the code so it's more like, "you can't go wrong". The thing is, some C++ syntax might have double meaning and you simply can't decide what the thing is unless you check for special chars....and word counts etc....

Prove of the new solution:


There is no longer a delay when switching between tabs with large files.
There is no longer a delay when clicking on object viewer's variables, functions, loops etc with large files

The screenshot above is the latest screenshot of how SkyIDE looks now.

The menubar has been modified so it fits all user's screen resolutions.
There is no longer a delay when extracting integers, chars, functions...

Bugfix: With large files, sometimes SkyIDE would temporarily freeze. This is fixed.

There is also a brand new web site + forums. This is what I got:

100 Megabytes Storage Space
30,000 Megabytes Traffic Allowance per Month
RVSiteBuilder - Free Templates
10 Subdomains
200 POP3 Email accounts
Unlimited Email addresses
Unlimited Autoresponders
Unlimited Mail Forwarding
24 hour FTP access
20 FTP Accounts
CGI, High Speed Servers
5 MySQL databases
PHP4 & PHP5, Perl5, SSI Support
Front Page extensions
Over 99.999% uptime
7 day Tech Support

Major break through! :) I have succeeded in implementing a class browser! !!FINALLY!! The logic with nested classes HAS been broken! (almost)


You click on the class viewer, it expands and it shows all of your class members: methods and attributes from both "nested/inner" and outer classes!

Again, preliminary work. I will now polish it with separate icons for attributes/properties and separate icons for methods....

OK, I succeeded in creating sub nodes for child classes!


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