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SkyIDE - Latest Release Information

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GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I am EXCITED about this one. I just uploaded "Update 3" - YET another one but it is WELL worth it. Check this out:

Update 3:
BUGFIX: FIXED a HUGE memory leak present in all other versions
MEMORY MANAGEMENT: Now it only takes about 9.5MB!
PORTABILITY: File size is now half the size 1.5MB!!

BUGFIX: Set / Change Project Options had a bug. FIXED.
ADDED: FULL Digital Mars C++ Compiler Support.
ENHANCEMENT: Enhanced HTML Support (still needs work)

with digital mars c++ support done, i wonder if SkyIDE might one day become a D ide, now *that* would be cool!

It's on my list :) I had a look at "D" the other day, the syntax seems to be identical to C++ but it has its own things too. An example: "foreach" seems to be a "for" loop.

Since the compiler is written by the same people, I'd expect to face the same issues as Digital Mars C++ :) but that would be no problem now :) This will take a bit longer to implement. It's a new file type....

Quick Update:

Beta 7 will be a huge upgrade. Here is the current progress:

- An annoying bug/error has been fixed. When saving files, every time when you saved the file, the horizontal scrollbar would scroll back to the left which makes you lose track of the carot. This bug has been fixed in Beta 7 (soon to be released).

- A serious bug has been fixed with the C++ Object Viewer. When clicking on a variable on the object viwer, if the file is large, SkyIDE may freeze. The bug was in the section that identifies the position in your file of the variable that was clicked. This error is now fixed (available in Beta 7).

- Support for D, Pascal and VB Support!

- Many bug fixes and fine tunnings in Beta 7! The Object Viewer has been (yet again) completely re-written so now it performs even faster and lists user defined custom variables/objects! Soon to be released. So far I have added full editor support for Pascal, VB and D including support for the object viewer and the function bars. Now I work on the Pascal and D compiler support. Once I have this done, all I need to do is add project support for those languages but that's going to be easy.

- Many small additions/features present in other IDEs and not present in SkyIDE will be added. Beta 7 will be the first large update after I added multi-profile support. So, in Beta 7:

- Many bug fixes
- Many small additions and fine tunnings
- Full support for D, Pascal and VB. VisualBasic will have the auto insert "End Function" or "End Sub"" just like in the real VB IDE.
- In other sections such as Pascal you would have similar features.

Full list of new additions will be available on the day of release. Soon to be released.

I am happy to annouce the following information.

Support for Digital Mars D has been completed 100%! Yes, it is all done. There will be Beta 7 by the end of the week. Here are some of the changes for Beta 7:

- Added: Full Pascal Ediotor + Compiler Support
- Added: Full D Editor + Digital Mars D Compiler Support
- Added: Full VB Support
- Added: Bookmark as You click (from the left of the line numbers)
- Bugfix: Brand new Object Viewer + serious bug has been fixed. The object viewer now detects variables of any type.
- Bugfix: When saving files, the horizontal bar scrolled to the left. FIXED
- Added: Some New Art Work/Icons
- Bugfix: Fixed bug with Digital Marc C++ compiler output
- Bugfix: Fixed minor bug with Digital Mars C++ project
- Bugfix: Fixed Access Violation error when exiting SkyIDE after drag/dropping document tabs. (It didn't always happen)

Now, SkyIDE officially supports 6 compilers:
Borland C++
Digital Mars C++
Sun Java
Free Pascal and
Digital Mars D!

Now something else...

I think I figured out the cause of the error for Win2000! I cannot test it as I don't have Win2000 but I hope you can give me feedback and tell me whether it works. Also I might have fixed the Japanese charset issue. I am not sure if it works so you will have to try it.

Next: I will add "Search as you type" option in the bottom pannel (Line Search) so it will list all your lines as you type.

I will fix a few other issues related to the F3 Search, Line Number, Emprty Project creation and the splash screen.

I think with this release, I've out done my self :D j/k
Now I need a better/free TreeView control (still looking for one)


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