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Nice work!


I think I figured out the cause of the error for Win2000! I cannot test it as I don't have Win2000 but I hope you can give me feedback and tell me whether it works.
-SkyIDE (November 02, 2006, 02:04 AM)
--- End quote ---

I have Win2K WS and SVR. I used to work for Borland doing developer support and QA. If you want to shoot me a pm on how to get your latest build I can do some testing for you this weekend.

P.S. I have never used SkyIDE.

Hello everyone

I am pleased to announce the release of SkyIDE Beta 7. This is a major release with a lot of changes, additions and bug fixes. If anyone downloads beta 7 and notices something inconsistent or if a button doesn't work, please email me as soon as you can.

Here are the release notes for beta 7:

- Added: Full D Ediotor + Digital Mars D Compiler Support
- Added: Full Pascal Editor + Free Pascal Compiler Support
- Added: Full VB Support/VBScript support
- Added: Clicking on the left of the line numbers now bookmarks the current line
- Added: More options to the Line Search: Search as you type, match case and whole words
- Added: Ctrl+W now closes the window
- Added: Clicking on the line number label on the status bar now brings the Go To Line dialog
- Added: Some New Art Work/Icons

- Improved: F3 search now loops from the beginning of the file when it reaches the end
                 when a word is not found

- Improved: The object viewer now detects variables of any type.

- Improved: Now when you double click a word and you press Ctrl+F, the highlighted
                 word will be entered into the search box

- Improved: Ctrl+G now is used to bring the "Go To Line" dialog
- Improved: Performace improvements when clicking on the code editor. It no longer lags

- Improved: Object Viewer speed.

- Bugfix: Fixed Open Docoment->Cancel Bug
- Bugfix: Fixed bug with Digital Marc C++ compiler output
- Bugfix: Fixed minor bug with Digital Mars C++ project
- Bugfix: Fixed Access Violation error when exiting SkyIDE after drag/dropping document tabs.
- Bugfix: Brand new Object Viewer + serious bug has been fixed.
- Bugfix: When saving files, the horizontal bar scrolled to the left. FIXED

You can download SkyIDE from:

Important Update:

Win2000 error possible fix:

A friendly developer helped me out pointing a link with a solution to the problem.
Simply delete SkyIDE.exe.manifest from SkyIDE's dir and re-run the file. If it doesn't work, re-download SkyIDE and delete the file but before you run SkyIDE for a first time.

Update: Turns out this still does not fix the problem. I will investigate the issue deeper. At least now I know where and what the problem is!

Also very important,  I uploaded beta 7 (Update 2). Please download the new one I just uploaded if you already downloaded the old one.
Some new add ons and bug fixes in Update 2:
- Added: Add PHP/VBScript/Pascal/JavaScript source file (Update 2)
- Bugfix: Fixed Project Options (Update 2)


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