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Xnview vs. Irfan View

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and you can also hide the tab bar when displaying only one image.. now this is looking nice.

excellent.  :up:

I myself have been torn between the two, here's my two cents (if I may)...
1. (re: irfanview's 'save as') choose 'save' instead. It will prompt you instead of instantly saving and it is in the present working directory.
2. xnview has 'Auto crop'
3. irfanview has more image manipulation functions and it has 'negative' (if xnview has it, i've not found it yet)
4. irfanview has more options when saving to different formats.
5. in irfanview, you can select the background color for the 'cut' function (useful when retouching a strictly b/w image)
6. xnview has grab handles for the crop function.
7. xnview is a little faster...
8. irfanview is ALL free and xnview has a 'deluxe' pay-for version with more plugins and image functions.
9. irfanview's print dialog has more options, and it lets you set print properties before printing EVERY time (in xnview, if you print something, and then go to print something else, it willl use the previous printer settings  without warning you.)

As it is, I have added two context menu entries for the most common image files...

Edit with Irfanview
Edit with XnView


that has to be the most low-key deluxe version mention that i have ever seen.. i didn't even know it existed till you said so and i went back looking for it.  kudos to xnview for making their free version so powerful and free of advertising for the deluxe version.

lack of "negative" function - could anything be less useful?

what is autocrop?

haha - you're right, just a plain save does what i want.. damn goes to show you you can use a program for years and still miss some stuff that others can help you with.

i had a hard time telling difference in speed.

fileforum comments on irfanview and xnview can be useful:


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