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IDEA: Any program required to move files to a NAS.

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As title states, I want a file to move a bunch of files from G:\Source on my windows 10 computer
to the following 12 hard drives on my NAS depending on the first 2-3 characters of their filename as indicated by the destination locations.
Basically I want to alphabetically sort all the files moved from G:\Source into the proper folders on the NAS.

I am sooo tired of sorting files one at a time.

If the filename already exists on the NAS I want a standard windows prompt to ask me what to do for duplicate files.
Windows 10 also prompts me Is it ok to move files without properties each time as I am moving to a Linux box.
It would be nice to either auto allow this or stop windows from asking in the first place as I want to move all files in G:\Source on my Windows 10 box.

Below is a list of my 12 NAS Drives & Destination folders: aka the first drive on the NAS is named 09 and has 2 folders named 0-3 and 4-9
All files starting with any special characters, 0,1,2 0r 3 go into the first folder on the "09" drive.
All files starting with a 4,5,6,7,8 or 9 go into the second folder on the "09" drive.













Will a Windows console or Gui application also fit?
Can you give an example from your \Source\ folder for a file that belongs to \\\ghi\HJ-HZ
Somehow i cannot follow your destination paths without information of Sourcenames.
If files actually named "HJanything.123" - "HZanything.123" ignore that question.


You are correct,
Files in the folder \\\ghi\HJ-HZ COULD start with HJ (but none presently do)
I had to split up the files "somewhere" in the middle so the previous folder has all files starting with H to HI

examples per hard drive
\\\ghi\HA-HI\H Happy.avi

\\\ghi\HJ-HZ\Hz Happey.avi

\\\ghi\HA-HI  contains any file starting with Hnumber, Hspace, Ha, Hb, Hc, Hd, He, Hf, Hg, Hianything.anything
\\\ghi\HJ-HZ contains ALL OTHER REMAINING files starting with H although most files in here start with Ho as O is the next vowel but theoretically there could be a file named Hjanything.anything in there.

The drives are literally divided by the first 2 characters of each filename with the exception of the C's \\\cd\CA-CAO
\\\cd\CAP-CAR and \\\cd\CAS-CG as there were too many files starting with CA for one folder.

and also yes, I will accept any program that will run on windows 10 Home but I prefer a batch or .vbs script as it is the simplest thing that I know can do the job. I have not used this autohotkey thingy but anything that will move my files will do.

i will start saturday (i am just hobbycoder), if no one has a batch/script or whatever solution you get a Gui App from me with some Progressbar and Cancel ability.
I guess a Commandline switch could be usefull for you aswell if you want to shedule that operation.
As ive read you wish a MOVE and not a COPY, just to be clear.

BTW now i understand your filesystem.

yes move, with probably the exception of the filenames which already exist on the NAS as a windows prompt should appear and I might select the tick box to leave the file on the NAS as it is and not overwrite it.

I could write 200-300 separate lines of code in a batch file to cover all variations of filenames and all 12 drives but before doing that I thought I would ask at this web site for a more elegant solution. I have tried wrapping my head around regex comparisons in a vbs script but it quickly became ugly with this many drives and folders.

If it helps, first working solution gets a coder donation from me!  lol



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