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IDEA: Any program required to move files to a NAS.

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Helllo Craig!

I am about to start this Project now, i have some questions.

Should the procedure include sub-folders in G:\SOURCE\ ? If yes, should my App delete empty folders?

Should targetfiles have original fileattributes or do you wish for example remove/set Read-Only/Hidden attributes to a specific attribute?

Must targetfiles have same Datestamp? (ATM target would get a fresh/new timestamp)

What i've already prepared in beta phase:
- Collect all Sourcefilename with Progressbar
- Initiate Copy procedure with Progressbar
- Delete all successful copied files with Progressbar

Whats missing:
- Dialog for Existing files. I could skip this by implenting a "is Source newer than Target" or simply adding a number in filename if you like.
- Bundle everything together (in beta i just test with one file)
- Remove unused debug & testing stuff and clean up source
- your Filesystem ;-)

A suggestion:
Many of us coders get very nervous writing code that deletes files -- it's the one place where a mistake can cause real harm.  It might be a good idea to make the deletion of files an option, and turn it off by default.  Or not enable it in your initial version, and instead write some messages about what files would be deleted.  Until you are really sure there are no mistakes regarding deleting files.  This goes doubly for deleting entire folders..

Wouldnt be a problem to include from my side since i do safeway first custom-COPY then Api-DELETE instead of Api-MOVE.
(i raise a buffered copy thread with cancel ability, in my test it copy faster than api-COPY/MOVE)

added "Auto-Delete" checkbox
added "Delete finished" button
added Delete-Type switch (Recycle-Bin <> instant kill)

IDEA: Any program required to move files to a NAS. work in progress Preview

Keeping in line with my suggest before, I suggest you not have an option to bypass the recycle bin -- at least until the app is well tested (and certainly don't make it bypass recycle bin by default!).  I suggest you change the option to say "Bypass recycle bin (dangerous)."


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