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NANY 2019: Clicador- A simple and fast free auto clicker

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hugo nabais:
Hi this is my 2018 participation,

Application NameClicadorVersion2.1.0.2Short Description A simple and fast free auto clicker.Supported OSes   .net4 Windows (XP/Vista/7,8,10,server 2008, server 2012, etc)Web Page Link Requirements   Any Windows with .net4 framework installedVersion History    Not implementedAuthor   Hugo Nabais

Clicador is basically an auto clicker, that is simple a program that simulates mouse clicking. It's fairly generic and will work alongside any other computer program running at the time and acting as though a physical mouse button is pressed.
There are other free auto clickers, but I had a need for one, and once again I wanted to include some features that I found missing in the other ones.
That's how I created Clicador.
It can be used for many thing, like games, keep alive applications, etc.

· All the features a simple autoclicker should have (Number of clicks, interval, mouse button, position clicking, etc).

Unique Features
· Info bar, a information bar that is displayed on top of all screens.
· Start delay, how many seconds to wait before starting to click.
· Calculates estimated duration of clicking.
· Ability to remotely start and stop, by putting files on c:\clicador.stop or c:\clicador.start (this features needs improvements)

Planned Features
What features are you planning to implement in the future?
I need some feedback on that one, I have no idea if people will use this type of software, and what more could they want.


Usage & Installation
Run it from anywhere, portable!

Using the Application
Self explanatory.

That can be your NANY 2019 entry.. NANY 2018 is over.

hugo nabais:
That can be your NANY 2019 entry.. NANY 2018 is over.
-mouser (February 12, 2018, 12:59 PM)
--- End quote ---

Ok I misunderstood the time frame.

Please delete this entry.

It will make a good entry for NANY 2019.

If I have "Stop if Ctrl+Alt+Del is pressed" enabled, then it will automatically toggle itself off after <1 second of going.

If I have "Return cursor to original point" enabled, then it will usually click at the original point instead of at the fixed point I have configured.


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