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NANY 2019: Clicador- A simple and fast free auto clicker

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Clicador keeps telling me that it is version and that there is an update to, even though I have extracted the zip file over the exe multiple times. I think you forgot to bump the version number in the latest version, since comparing checksums of the exe files out of the and archives results in different values.

UPDATE: Found the .exe at least on Softpedia:
-wraith808 (April 02, 2018, 08:49 PM)
--- End quote ---


hugo nabais:
I released version but did not increment exe version.

I fixed the version and uploaded the new file.

Download again

Does this has loop feature? How do you loop the command?

hugo nabais:
Clicador development is stopped, but I implemented a small requested feature:


New features:
- New button to change the handle of a group of configuration entries



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