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issue with automatic screenshotter

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I found another issue with automatic screenshotter.  It seems that there is something wrong with the cleanup/delete of old screenshots.  I had it set to "0" for number of screenshots to keep, 500mb for disk space, and 500 for days to keep.  It was automatically deleting screenshots that were about 17 hours old... there were about 1000 screenshots in that time.  I don't remember if 1000 was the original default for number of screenshots to keep before I set it to 0, but it might have been.

I have now changed the configuration to "0" for all three settings, and I restarted.  Will post back here if the behavior changes at all.

Whoops... I just realized that I mis-read the second option.  It says "delete screenshots to ensure disk usage is below this value".  I thought it meant "delete screenshots if available disk space is below this value".

So, doing the math, it seems I probably had about 500mb of screenshots saved, which is why it was deleting them.  Now that I've set it to 0, it shouldn't delete anymore.

FWIW, I read the same out of that sentence (although it stands clearly what that option does)
I just had another expectation and that was what I read... the same as you.


Hi Jesse, FYI, I don't want to complain, thanks for that app anyway  :Thmbsup:

Why I get cut pictures of some dialogs?


(o) Active Window or desktop, if none (default)

issue with automatic screenshotter
This is a shot of Device Manager > USB > context menu > Properties

issue with automatic screenshotter
This is a full screen app > File open dialog

The big sized WinExplorer windows are captured with desktop background, fine, but only the top left half, not the WinEx window in whole.
issue with automatic screenshotter

It's always the same problem: only top left part is captured.

issue with automatic screenshotter


Other dialog are captured fine.


Splash pictures (on software start) are captured with some part of the background.
issue with automatic screenshotter

But that is probably intended?
OK, no big problem.

- - -

Another problem:

the pictures are stored with 300dpi.

If I insert them in WordTM, they are very small.

I have to modify the screenshots beforehand
and batch set them all to 96dpi, then they are fine for my use with WordTM.

Maybe you can add an option to set the wanted DPI on save time?


Ugh! Someone reported that to me a month ago and I couldn't find the problem, but taking another look after your post I think I found it.. The manifest was not being built properly.

Please re-download and let me know if it's solved.

As a bonus I added custom DPI option (Miscellaneous tab) and defaulted it to 96.


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