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issue with automatic screenshotter

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Thank you!
Please allow me a few days till I have another need to take a whole bunch of shots.


Looks fine now on W7/64 and W8.1/64  :Thmbsup:

No cut pictures anymore now (only if a wider dialog is in front of a smaller one,
the size of the smaller is taken instead of the wider one.
I think because the smaller has still the focus. No big deal for me.)

- - -

I want to capture the context menu of an icon in TRAY.
First I can't, because option "Don't capture .... less...pixel: 80" was set.
Instead the whole desktop was captured, incl. open Tray fly-out window.

Next I disable that option, now a small part of the top left area of my desktop is captured,
instead of the context menu in the lower right.

- - -

But there are no change about DPI settings on the app I had downloaded:

"AutomaticScreenshotterPortable_1.06.1_(2017-05-07).zip...5.809.160   .....09.05.2017 16:06 German time saved to my disk"

"AutomaticScreenshotter.exe    .......................................6.536.464   .....09.05.2017 14:12"

Thank you.

Good to hear the window size fix is working.

As for the dpi settings, can you re-download? Then check the Miscellaneous tab at the bottom.


AutomaticScreenshotter.exe   6.536.464   09.05.2017 21:57

- cut windows is fixed
- DPI-settings are there , set to 96 and works


- menu from tray icon and from application are not captured at all (not true, some work),
I only see cursor over pushed button, but menu is not on screenshot.

If I find a problematic application where screenshot of the menu not work and which is easy to download for your tests, I will report back.
(At the moment I only have commercial SW with big download size, or portable but old, now no freeware anymore soft)
(Update: now with another test, I see the same as yesterday on screenshot of menu of tray icon >> a region more on the top left of my screen is captured instead)

Till then, thanks for AS.


It may be that the Active window capture is getting confused when a menu is the focus, thinking its an active window of some sort but getting the size wrong?

I concur with your plan -- we need to find a small repeatable test that I can reproduce.


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