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Malwarebytes goes full Anti-Virus

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So, I was praising the fact that Malwarebytes stays in it's lane dealing with certain types of malware, and leaving the more in depth anti-virus functions to others.

Today, I received notice of an upgrade and a requisite e-mail touting the fact that it's going full anti-virus replacement.

I'll have to see where they go from there- most antivirus these days are worse that the problems they purport to solve, which is the reason I stopped using anything other than Malwarebytes and Windows defender.  They're also bloated, and tie up your computer forever, and block things that shouldn't be blocked with false positives, so I'm not optimistic...

What a shame :(

What a shame :(
-f0dder (March 17, 2017, 07:26 PM)
--- End quote ---

And the initial outlook... not good.  I never had a scan last longer than 30-45 minutes before.  Which made it easier to run it anytime.  Made a scan after the upgrade - 5 hours, 23 minutes, and it didn't finish.  Even worse?  I tried to cancel it because it was bogging down my computer, and it asked me if I really wanted to end it.  5 minutes later and it still hasn't aborted.

Very disappointing.

UPDATE: It's the heuristic analysis part that is bogging down the machine, and taking so long, and there's no obvious way to turn that part off.

UPDATE 2: 2 hours later, and it has not responded to my request to stop it, nor cancelled.  Very Disappointing.

Arizona Hot:
Do tell! I already have it. I am planning to get a more powerful system to avoid these problems.

It doesn't really say it's going full anti-virus, it says you can finally not use a separate anti-virus however it will still work in tandem with a dedicated anti-virus.

It seems to be pointing to the fact that with it's advanced signature-less technologies the use of a signature based AV is no longer necessary.

FWIW, I don't let MBAM do any system scanning at all, (or any previous AV I used except Defender and it only does the Quick scan), because system impact was always too high.
All I ever use is the Real Time Malware Prevention and on-demand file scan, (Website Protection is turned off because, quite frankly, it is a PITA).

It would be nice if I could restrict it to when a file is opened for reading but that option seems to have disappeared from AV/AM products quite awhile ago, (I think Outpost was the last one I used that let me do that).


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