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spring cleaning

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josh doesnt need the watch and the tablet!!!  >:(
-mouser (July 05, 2006, 10:17 AM)
--- End quote ---

I know mouser :) Just trying to urk you :) I have no use for it anyways heh

I will take the tablet. Has mouser sent you my info on where to send it?  If not I will email you the info. :)

no he hasn't so let me know...

The email has been sent. :)

for all the old school Atari 2600 freaks:

a compact Atari 2600 (NTSC...not PAL)
This is not the huge unit that was made in the 70's, it's the much smaller, nicer one that was made in the 80's.

a bunch of games:
(I have doubles of these)

Donkey Kong
Dodge 'em
(list will grow as I find out what games the family doesn't want and are willing to part with)

These will be included with the necessary (2) keyboard controllers:

BASIC Programming
Hunt & Score
Brain Games

Additionally, I have a trackball controller that can be used in place of a joystick that will be included.

not included: joysticks, paddle controllers, a universal AC adapter, the cable to connect it to the TV (you will have to supply these)

package person gets them all. I don't want to split this up. I'll ship it to anybody in the US.


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