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For the unread topics list I haved switch from using 2 icons in front of each message to using Jibz icon to indicate when you have participated in a topic; it is also now used on the main message list for a board.
Keep in mind the new indicator that shows you have participated in a topic is only shown when the icon for the topic is standard.  Special topic icons will now show such an indicator.

Here's how it looks now:
[ Invalid Attachment ]

I think that's ok since we rarely use topic icons other than the default one (in fact normal users are not given the choice of changing the topic icon when they post) -- that's to keep down the visual noise.  I sometimes use a special icon on newsletters and other official announcements.

If we really wanted to show an indicator regardless of the topic icon, we could probably do it by changing to some css that makes use of a small overlay.  Jibz maybe you can make me a tiny transparent image with just your overlay? Or we could use a different overlay image if people think they can improve on the one jibz chose.
-mouser (September 04, 2015, 12:33 PM)
--- End quote ---

To expand on that bug...I tried quoting and attaching a file...just to see what happened (I will edit if it did something odd)

//EDIT - Heh, so takes YOUR attachment, and just plops it in there...that could be problematic if you are quoting a post with an image, and replying with an image :P

Ok i'll look into it.. the attachment mod we are using now is not the code i originally wrote for the old version of the forum.  Now we are using a version of this mod that i have been tweaking for our needs.  The author of that mod did a wonderful job with it and added a lot of nice features.  He even added the ability to refer to attachments from other messages in quotes, but there are some subtleties and im going to have to go back and look at tweaking it.

My memory is that when i was making changes to the code, i decided that we should basically not try to use the feature that tried to grab images from quoted posts -- though i can't remember exactly why (i think i just concluded that it wouldn't work reliably and would lead to more confusion), but what i clearly need to do if we do disable that feature, is make sure that quoted text does not have its images replaced and instead gets text like the old forum saying [see attachment in quoted message].

Ok let's see how quoted attachments work now (i notice the post above works properly now).

Yep, it changed mine by itself so things seem to be back on track with that xD

will we again have a button, making colourful posts?
-Curt (September 05, 2015, 04:14 PM)
--- End quote ---

the basic approach i have taken is to keep some bbc code functionality available, while making it a little less inviting.

So the color tag is still available to use, but there is no dedicated button for it.  I think there used to be large dropdowns for color and font size, which took up a lot of space.

Instead, there is one button that combines font size and color change:

Clicking this will insert both a font size and font color tag like so:
[size=12pt][color=red] [/color][/size]

So, if you want some custom font you can use that button and then edit the details.

My thinking was that this had two advantages:

* First, it helps keep the number and size of buttons down to a cognitively manageable level.
* Second, it discourages people from playing around with font colors and sizes unless they are really determined to.


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