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Forum Upgraded August 30, 2015 - Report issues here

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I am happy with new DC now and posting more messages then DC1 time. May be this new layout and colors attract me more. :)

I am using the "Print" option to read threads now. I have not-so-good net connection and sometimes get to check DC after 2/3 days. So the "print" option gives me all in a long scrollable message view to search and read.

Now the problem is, if I want to quote a message and reply, I again have to go back to normal per page view of messages and search in each page for that message to view and quote.

I hope I could explain above, I myself feel it became complex sentences.

Anyway, my suggestion is if we can give an option like "-allmessagesinonepage" in custom options, and show all the messages in a thread in one long page, without page breaks, it will solve the problem.



For the unread topics list I haved switch from using 2 icons in front of each message to using Jibz icon to indicate when you have participated in a topic; it is also now used on the main message list for a board.
Keep in mind the new indicator that shows you have participated in a topic is only shown when the icon for the topic is standard.  Special topic icons will now show such an indicator.

Here's how it looks now:

I think that's ok since we rarely use topic icons other than the default one (in fact normal users are not given the choice of changing the topic icon when they post) -- that's to keep down the visual noise.  I sometimes use a special icon on newsletters and other official announcements.

If we really wanted to show an indicator regardless of the topic icon, we could probably do it by changing to some css that makes use of a small overlay.  Jibz maybe you can make me a tiny transparent image with just your overlay? Or we could use a different overlay image if people think they can improve on the one jibz chose.

 ...picture is worth 1k words

Forum Upgraded August 30, 2015 - Report issues here

will we again have a button, making colourful posts?

will we again have a button, making colourful posts?

-Curt (September 05, 2015, 04:14 PM)
--- End quote ---

I hope not :)

A bug I've found... when you quoted on the old site a post that had images, it would put in the post see prior post for images (paraphrased, I don't remember the verbiage) with a link to the post.  Now it just says [Invalid Attachment].


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