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Lintalist - searchable interactive text to copy & paste with plugins

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Seems like in a few years I might not master the program but become proficient with it.

Thanks once again for the program. I might get lost in all the bells and whistles but it is a time saver.


Lintalist is a wonderful tool. I've been a regular user for years.

The one thing that hasn't changed in all these years is the non-coherent user interface, especially the font sizes. For example:

* The search field uses a smaller font size, compared to the product name or menu
* Similarly, the column header of the result list rows and preview all use a bigger font size than that the ones above
* Menu icon sizes, are all small

Thanks! As you can tell I'm a graphics designer by trade ;D

There are various settings you can play around with just in case you hadn't noticed them:
- Font (the font type used in Listview + preview)
- FontSize (used in Listview + preview)
- BigIcons=2 will use 32x32 size icons in the button bar vs default 16x16 - if you use BigIcons=2 it will also increase the fontsize used in the search box (slightly)

Icons in the tray & menus are always 16x16, too much work to provide bigger sizes as the source is only 16x16 ( - but playing with a combination of the three above should help somewhat.

v1.9.15 @

[*] New: Allow for _ in MyFunction and MyPlugin names
[*] New: Split plugin: use 0 (zero) to indicate last item
[*] New: Show the shortcut key on the Tray menu
[*] Fix: Revert change so it actually restores Clipboard contents
[*] Fix: Take into account that using a "deadkey" TriggerKey would produce an erroneous backspace


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