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Lintalist - searchable interactive text to copy & paste with plugins

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Keep up the good work, still a very active user of your program,

glad you like it :Thmbsup:

Some updates for Lintalist @

[*] Fix: QuickSearchHotkey/QuickSearchHotkey2 did not restore clipboard with a Script snippet
[*] Fix: QuickSearchHotkey2 didn't work
[*] Fix: QuickSearchHotkey/QuickSearchHotkey2 did not restore clipboard
[*] LLInit() in a Local Var + Script snippet combination
[*] New: [[LLShorthand]] available in scripts similar to [[LLPart1]] and [[LPart2]]
[*] Fix: Column Search should now reset properly after a search, so normal search works correctly again
[*] New: Added setting for ColumnSearchDelimiter to allow to search in a specific part of the snippet (part1, part2, hotkey, shorthand, and script) (a ColumnSearch setting is also available as hidden setting to automatically implement this for all searches)
[*] New: AltPaste, addition to define PasteDelay (ms) and PasteMethod (0-2) per program
[*] Fix: Fix the change so it actually restores Clipboard contents (line '970' was omitted from commit)

v1.9.22 @
[*] Fix: StartSearchHotkeyTimeOut should now work (better) with both StartSearchHotkey and StartOmniSearchHotkey, incl. modifier keys
[*] Fix: Quote file paths in "Edit in Editor" (Snippet Editor) avoiding errors with spaces in paths
v New: Toggle timer to StartSearchHotkey activation + option to disable to toggle view mode (wide/narrow)   
  see settings StartSearchHotkeyTimeOut and StartSearchHotkeyToggleView 
[*] New: ShorthandPart2 setting to paste Part2 of snippet, similar to QuickSearchHotkey2
[*] Fix: Shorthand not being saved when reloading with default bundle only


Trying to use this to work on a webpage. Works fine in a txt editor or a txt box but I am trying to use it to tab to the first editable box on a page and nothing happens.


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