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Lintalist - searchable interactive text to copy & paste with plugins

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Lintalist v1.9.13 @

[*] New/Fix: "Update lintalist" could fail and
[*] Fix: potentially incorrect position of listbox in choice plugin

OK. Spent a bit of time but was not able to find what I was looking for.

Part of my use of Lintalist is working in txtarea of webpages. Most of the time I need to be at the top and to the lext. E.G. CTRL + HOME

Is there a way to add this to a snippet so that when I click on it it immediately goes to the first character of a txtarea?

^| should move the position of the caret to the start of the snippet, is that what you mean?
--- End quote ---

Or do you want to paste the snippet anywhere in the text area, and THEN do a "ctrl+home" ?

There isn't a direct way, but could do it via a script.

So edit your snippet, paste this in the script section

--- Code: Autohotkey ---#NoEnv#SingleInstance, forceSetBatchLines, -1ListLines, offLLInit()                            ; fake call to load global variables from Lintalist main script - see DocsClipSet("s",1,SendMethod,Clipboard) ; store current clipboard contentsClearClipboard()                    ; clear it[[llpart1]]clipboard:=llpart1SendKey(SendMethod, ShortcutPaste)  ; paste changed clipboard using SendMethod defined by Lintalist settingsSleep 100Send ^{home} ; this line is just AHK code and will send ctrl+homeClipboard:=ClipSet("g",1)           ; restore original clipboard contentsExitApp
If you need to do this for many snippets, you can create a local var (see tray menu), and place that in the script section, that way you would only have to update the script once should you ever need to do make any changes.

I've toyed with the idea of allowing snippets to send keys,, but haven't developed it further yet.

OK. The script helped me out.

Now. I am having an issue with space at the end of a snippet. I put the period in to show where I want to break. Yet when I put this in the script it works great until I restart Lintalist. Then all the spaces are removed. I am using this in conjunction with the move to top to paste script and move the other text down.

Any idea how to have the blank areas stay?

--- Code: Text ---Bunch of text Bunch of text Bunch of text Bunch of text Bunch of text Bunch of text Bunch of text      .

Yes, snippets are trimmed when reading them from a bundle, so any leading/trailing spaces/newlines are gone - you can use the

--- ---    Bunch of text Bunch of text Bunch of text Bunch of text
    Bunch of text Bunch of text
    Bunch of text [[C=\n|6]]   

Someone else asked about it too  (don't try the test solutions as it fails and messes up your bundle) - I thought it was relatively easy but apparently I had good reasons to do it like this a decade ago :)


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