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Request: Deepdream frontend.

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You rascal it's great to hear from you -- it's been a long time!
You should have been listed here:

Hi Jesse,
 as I lurch towards my dotage I'm getting less and less social. Spend a lot of time camping in peaceful surrounds. But I still regularly lurk here :)

Spend a lot of time camping in peaceful surrounds.-tsaint (September 17, 2015, 08:32 AM)
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**Thread Hi-Jack Alert!**

Got any nice recommendations?

I recently did trekking+camping on the West Highland Way in Scotland - that was pretty great :)

Got any nice recommendations?
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Go visit Perry:

How to make your own "DeepStyle" neural images (on Linux):

Original photo + classical painting = DeepStyle image:

Request:  Deepdream frontend.  

Request:  Deepdream frontend.  

First off, if you aren’t in a big hurry or don’t have a Linux machine, you can still play with DeepStyle using the DeepForger Twitter bot (send it an image and a style, and it will eventually reply with the results you want). If you want to process more images quickly (and with more control over the results), read on for the tutorial.-
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EDIT: Looks like you can submit two photos to the Twitter bot and it will do the first one in the style of the second one. For example:

Request:  Deepdream frontend.  

SECOND EDIT: I just realized that this is the same thing that tsaint posted here:

This , on a similar tack, might be worth a look
I had to install Ubuntu and a few other bits and pieces and I nearly (!) got it to work. Someone more tech-savvy than me probably could with probably good results.
-tsaint (September 17, 2015, 07:45 AM)
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