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Request: Deepdream frontend.

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A couple weeks ago, I posted about the new trippy artform from Google

Now Google has opensourced the project.  All of the needed components are listed on the blogpost here:
And it's all open stuff.

Unfortunately it's still pretty far beyond the technical abilities of most of us non-programmer types...

A couple people have tried to make web-based front-ends for the technology:
But as you might guess, the ques are impossibly long...

Is it possible for one of you gurus to make a desktop version on this?  Or maybe it's not even possible because of the need to be online with Google Images...  IDK.

Thots?   :-*

Find anything yet?
A screensaver?

This one doesn't seem to have long queues:

- Oshyan

I tried out last night and it said I needed to wait 5.5 hours. It's been probably close to 20 hours and it still says "almost ready."

I think it's borked.

I had several done with 10-15 second waits each on

- Oshyan


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