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If you're going to look at some form of Enterprise Content Management System, Document Management Software, or Digital Asset Manager, I'd suggest the first thing you do is look at and understand the following:

5 Good Reasons to Avoid DAM Software

Especially points 2 and 4.

If you still think you need some form of management software, there's a link to a list of DMS' given.

You need to do the research into this, we can't tell you what your company needs are, (eg. is it always going to be just documents).

let me pose some simple questions please
to explain what I am looking for exactly

I want to store thousands of files in a simple folder
I want each of these files to have encorporated (if possible) or externally associated, some data (metadata)

now, this metadata contains fields that can be created by the user (eg if we are talking about mp3 files, it contains artist, version, date recorded, date composed, etc)
each of the fields will have optional values (eg the field version, will have the values 0.1, 0.2, 1.0, etc). these values will be created by the users and will appear in a drop down menu
that way we will create, during time, a template of metadata, with many fields and each field with many values
each time we will store a file in that folder (remember, no subfolders, just a huge folder with all the files) it will ask us to fill in the values of the metadata fields
there will be scripts that will suggest (by reading the document and matching existing strings with the already stored values of the fields) which values to put
or otherwise, the user that will insert a new file into the folder, will have to enter manually the values (if they are new) or to choose them easily from the drop down menu (which will filter the view by entering partial strings and match via regex)

so, this way, all the files, will have specific metadata
will can be used to find files with specific metadata values
and display a treeview of files of specific metadata in a specific hierarchy

can you understand this?
can you suggest improvements for this model?
can it be implemented easily?


@kalos: In answer to your 3 simple questions:

* can you understand this? - Yes. From the information you provide above, there is nothing that seems to be particularly "new" or "tricky" here.
* can you suggest improvements for this model? - Yes I probably could.
* can it be implemented easily? - Yes, it probably could be implemented easily - or at least, with no more difficulty than the many document management and file management system implementation projects that I have been involved with in the past.
However, I would suggest that, if your organisation is concerned to establish a businesslike way ahead for this, then a recommended risk-averse and conventional approach would probably be to get in touch with an IT and management consultancy to help:

* to establish a formal project for this;
* to identify, document, confirm and review the relevant business requirements;
* to draw up an RFI (Request for Information) to send out to potential system/solution suppliers;
* to refine the relevant business requirements in light of the RFI responses;
* to work with your organisation to draw up an RFP (Request for Proposal) for work to implement a solution to meet the refined business requirements, to send out to potential system/solution suppliers;
* to assist in collecting/collating the responses to the RFP, for management to decide on and select the preferred supplier(s).
* to manage the project implementation from the selected supplier(s).
It seems like it should be a very straightforward project, if approached that way.

thanks for your suggestions Ian

my role is simply to conceive and propose the best method to archive a bunch of files, and I came up with this one

is it the best possible?

IainB: it the best possible?
-kalos (March 06, 2015, 01:59 PM)
--- End quote ---
I would have no idea. It would all depend on your business requirements really.
What does the business case say for this?


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