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just imagine a company that makes lots of parts for different machines
they generate a vast amount of documents for a specific part for a specific machine
the part has design documents, testing documents, etc
each eg. testing document has testing before modification x, after modification x, etc
each testing document is test type 1, test type 2, etc
each testing document of type 1, is from lab A, lab B, etc
and so on, unlimited ways to categorize these

so I want a way that will be:

1) easy to categorize a file, eg. I have a testing file for part X, that is the low pressure test, from supplier B, etc
I imagine to select values in an exensive menu window, that will guide me about the categories (eg, new subcategories appear when I select a specific category) and that will allow me to create more distrinctive criteria easily

2) easy to retrieve and display files that match specific strings in specific metadata fields
so, if I saved these in a folder hierarchy, I could find all the test documents of a specific part, but not all specific test of various parts
if you know what I mean

any other consideration I should consider?

...any other consideration I should consider?
-kalos (March 07, 2015, 01:11 PM)
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Sorry Kalos, I don't think I can help you any more than repeat the above suggested/recommended approach.
What you seem to be focussed on is a semi-technical solutions-oriented approach.
If you have no documented business requirements or business case, then there would probably be a good place to start.
A detailed description and analysis of the business process you are trying to improve or re-engineer could be another.

yes, but this is what I am asking, what would be my business requirements?
sometimes, we don't know what we need, until someone tells us (you will probably need this...) or we realize what we need afterwards, after using a GUI, etc

This sounds a little like it may be similar to ISO 9000 documentation and record keeping?
You may want to look at it from that direction. Check out this site to see if it helps.

If so, do a search for ISO 9001 software. One of the results I came up with is there's a pdf here (sample pages button) that provides a checklist.

Here's another from the results.

This may also help.

yes, it may be similar to ISO record keeping

but also it can go beyond that, eg easily find files, store them in various hierarchies, etc


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