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yes, but this is what I am asking, what would be my business requirements?
sometimes, we don't know what we need, until someone tells us (you will probably need this...) or we realize what we need afterwards, after using a GUI, etc
-kalos (March 08, 2015, 07:35 AM)
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Rather than suck the requirements out of your thumb, you ask your users what their requirements are. If they don't know, then postulate what those requirements perhaps could be, then get the business users' buy-in/approval,  and set up a project to trial a prototype system that could meet those requirements. The users will have to agree to commit to being guinea-pigs in the prototype trial.
You could run this trial using some existing software that is available for free/cheap trial - e.g., SharePoint.
The trial will enable you to discover the requirements.


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