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publishing notes to the net

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Steven Avery:
I would like to like Google Sites.  Sometimes it seems to be awkward by the Google signon motif.  I tried to inaugurate Google Sites for PureBible, one of my more social Gmail addies.  When I went in there, and asked to set up google sites, it dropped me out to :

"Sign into a different account to access Google Admin."

This google sign-on merry-go-round is one concern.  And I see that for building a site they fall back on partnerships with Weebly and Wix, which would incorporate their weaknesses and limitations.

The idea is good. Have a site where your largely google docs and related elements can feel at home, hosted by google or your own domain. With solid navigation for the visitor.  So if you have 20 documents, you at least quickly have a nice front page discussing each one.  I'm just not sure that practically it will be good.  If anyone has a "Google Sites" site that they want to share, to view, that might help.


MyInfo is definitely a possibility. I wonder if there are any sites up, available, that could be compared to what we see in the url above from Treepad. ConnectedText I will pass on unless it incorporates editing in RTF.  From the products above, I added some notes, but still, other than Treepad, there seems to be a dearth of actual developed websites up and running using the tools.  Even for the limited applications like manuals and catalogs, where they should shine.

On Myinfo, I even have a license from 2012, ver 6, which I think is current to the latest release. So I can do a download without pressure.  At the time I was not thinking pub to web. Apparently, though, you will want to do some format tweaking, but that could be acceptable.  

OneNote, Evernote, Wiznote just never quite caught my interest. 


Somehow my mind has never wrapped around being brain mapped. I'd rather have a memoboard (Notezilla, Listhings) that fills the note need at the same time that it acts as a sort of mapper by the tree and board layout.


I do have an Airpad, and I like using it for Skype, Facebook, browsing, traffic and maps and various apps.  However, I can't see using it for notes with flavor and structure, or publishing or documents.  Maybe I am missing something.  Closer would be one of the Androids, a big Samsung tablet with a keyboard (quiet nice) and a wireless mouse. Also possible in this genre is the Chromebook.  While Ipad does not really support a mouse on the pixel level and I really don't intend to learn finger-pinching as a writing method.  Once again, I may be missing something.


On the tablets, it seems like they make good extensions to an AT&T cell phone family plane.  I have been able to add the small LGs or Samsungs for about $10/month for two years (a good price for airtime, this is part of a shared data plan) with little or no cost for the actual hardware, which is owned officially by you after the 2 years.  Apparently they had one special with a big one for only $100, same basic idea. What's good there is that the modest incremental cost means that you don't have to use it a lot.  Saved me $15 parking in NYC the other day, when I quickly downloaded a parking garage app while at a traffic light!  (Just be careful not to get a $200 cell phone ticket, with possible points.)



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