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publishing notes to the net

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Steven Avery:

Does a note system == web publishing system?
Why or why not?

Take an example.  I have a client where I would like to make it reasonably clear what I have done for them,  what are our contacts, how and why we do backup, what are the projects and a number of other items.  I've worked for them many years and if I am away, or less available than the current 20-minute-drive dropin, they have a good body of information.

I want them to be able to print out a page and keep it handy and then get to it very easily a year or 3 years later.    A while back I thought about Ubernote.  Not visual enough. Today I am working with the Notezilla memoboard paradigm.  Not bad.  At least for personal ad hoc note use, excellent. Not, however, for a professional sharing approach.

However, what if you have a Rightnote style tree-note that publishes to the web?  Then (allowing a suitable parking space) you can really make it easy for them to find and read and study. They don't have to pass around a manuel, or a data file, they can read and print and see screen shots right from the web. You might get some nice advantages over the memoboard, like an indexed tree.  And you do an update or addition, you simply republish.

That is simply one example. Dozens of others can be added.  I have Bible textual studies that might do well on this type of publishing, more user-reader effective than blog or forum writing, more time effective than special book-outliner preparation.  (Scrivener, Citavi, Outline4D and many friends.)  Hybrid-city.


This thread hopes to build on some of the discussions in the following three threads, with special kudos to DC Peter and remote Paul, if I have identities right.

Some outliners and the features Unicode, search in the tree, website publishing

stickies Notezilla memoboard as full-blown personal note system

Paul J. Miller - I used to be undecided, but now I'm not so sure.


Here are some that are noted for publishing to the web.  Some give examples of finished websites.
Others are said to be somewhat quirky in actual publishing.  Apparently this is a specialty area.
Some have been mentioned extensively on DC, some very little.

TreePad - - many sample sites
"comfortable feature to create a website... no Unicode support" - Peter

" possibility to export as a website with better results than MyInfo concerning the line spacing...  silly and unnecessary zoom..  Memo Book gave me the impression that the web version corresponds exactly with the “original” version." - Peter
Any comments on the zoom?

MyInfo -  - best on unicode
"easily and without problems but formatting is not fully retained in the web version" - Peter
Millenix has a forum, so here is a discussion about modifying .css either before or after export.

MyBase, UltraRecall and Web Idea Trea are also in the mix, with nuance. "

I think it would be good to see which program is actually succeeding in helping people make production websites.

Treepad may be the leader.
"Examples of Websites created with TreePad"

"WIT user's manual, which has entirely been designed and built with WIT."
"too complicated .. " Peter


Mynoteskeeper -

2/10/2015 correction -- this one does not belong


Who else is solid in this mix?
Which one should I use (currently "none of the above" are in my toolkit.)
Is this the right way to go? Why or why not?

Anybody want to compare the finished products as well?
Which in some cases you might want to tweak.



What I have occasionally done for this sort of thing is to publish the notes as HTML pages hosted on Google Drive, and given the client a shared link to it (anyone with the link can view/download). You could give them edit/write access too, if you wanted.
I am not sure as I have not tried it, but I guess you could do this using other Cloud Storage Services too - e.g., such as OneDrive.

Steven Avery:
We have done that type of thing with another business/client.  It works well for individual documents.  The thing is that I don't think and refresh and update in a document format, I want a little tree and/or tab mentality in preparation for organization.  When you have twenty documents on Google Drive it is a bit unwieldy to the reader as well as to the writer/updater.  The reader can especially lose interest.

Maybe Google Docs or Microsoft Word has some such features (or would that be Microsoft Publisher or Google Web Doodads?) but overall the web note paradigm we have gotten used to from Keynote and then Rightnote is rather comfy. And I want to retain some sort of similar organizational overview.  


btw, in some cases I might actually use a web picture snap from Notezilla as part of a note page in TreePad, etc.
Again you run into the desire to avoid the white space problem.


Some of these programs have a freely-distributable viewer, and/or can compile a note tree to an EXE file: TreePad is a notable example.  I'd rather have the viewer than the EXE owing to UAC, installation permissions, etc., but either gives an alternative way of distributing canned text.

Desktop wikis might be another option (after all the notes are already linked, like a website's pages). E.g. here is a website created and maintained using ConnectedText: Global Sourcebook for International Data Management


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