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publishing notes to the net

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Steven Avery:

The question for me was whether I had to write in markdown rather than RTF for ConnectedText.  
Am I taking a dilettante approach?  Are there wiki's with RTF?

The fellow Paul ended up liking Connected Text, and as a Wiki it is inherently web-enablable.
They claim that markdown is similar effort. I am skeptical.  Plus, I am very happy with RTF writing.


I am going to have to recommend Trello again, for this one. The ability to invite people to share a board you have created covers this usage, as well as giving them the ability to ask questions and comment on notes.


Thanks for mentioning Notezilla.

How about looking for an online mind-map solution with advance text formatting etc?

The question for me was whether I had to write in markdown rather than RTF for ConnectedText. 
Am I taking a dilettante approach?  Are there wiki's with RTF?
-Steven Avery (February 10, 2015, 06:16 PM)
--- End quote ---

If you don't want to get involved with wiki markup, Google Sites could be another option for a simple website.

A few years ago I used PersonalBrain, trying both embedded Webbrain and exported sitebrain, to publish my website. Eventually deciding the navigation was too quirky for the average website visitor - confirmed when TheBrain themselves swapped to a more conventional website. I occurred to me at the time that the most obvious solution would be to export to XML from PB and then run a script on the XML to generate a website. I hadn't the time, or inclination, to look into the scripting.

My thinking was that the items posted to my website are really a subset of the items within my notes database.

Since then I have revisited the subject a few times - most recently over the Christmas holidays. My conclusion was that either ConnectedText or MyInfo where probably the best options if desktop/windows was the primary use case. As I now tend to use an iPad more than a desktop, I didn't follow up on that research. If either come up on Bits then I might explore further.

These days I use OneNote as my cross platform note database and there is an older web export plug-in for OneNote, but the output format is too far removed from a standard website.


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