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Rewriting little memory

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As everyone in this forum knows i have a little memory and a tiny heart.
But i need to memorize like a giant.
One method i can use is repeat phrases writing down one time and again, interacting with the software when one single letter don't correspond.
Better is count my errors.

Do you know any software to do this ?
Best Regards


Dear ol' Contro,
English is certainly not your first language, but this time we need a lot more info to work with!

Try re-posting this again with a bunch of more lines, and we might be able to latch on to something to help with!

Running to try

Suppose you want to memorize

Contro is the worst pupil in the world

So i began to write down that phrase one time and more.
Writing until I memorize

But in a software able to detect is one single letter is missing

First example :


The software tells me the e is incorrect

So I try


and the program continues telling me the word is not correct

and the program no warnings

I continue writing the phrase

Contro is the v.....orst pupil in the .....

When i write the letter v the program warn me is incorrect.

So i have to keep trying until i discover the correct phrase.

best Regards

Something similar to memoriser from skynergy
I think don't exist anymore and give me error under windows 7
it's portable


Okay, we are getting there!

I think a bunch of stuff is involved here!

First, try a little (luv how this word is almost impossible) mnemonics.

"Contro is the worst pupil in the world"
No. Contro is spelled with two o's and nothing else will do.
He spelled pupil right and who does that in their second/third language?

And stuff.

So with a few of those tricks out of the way, "what are you trying to do?"
If you're "just learning a language" we can do that in a couple other threads. We're trying to work out that you don't need more serious tech help.

I'm a funny dumb birdie. My language skills are incredible but my tech makes you want to cry in four languages including two you don't know yet!



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