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Rewriting little memory

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Curt: -> maybe have a look at the adverts as well

The important word here is "flashcards"

Okay, we are getting there!

I think a bunch of stuff is involved here!

First, try a little (luv how this word is almost impossible) mnemonics.

"Contro is the worst pupil in the world"
No. Contro is spelled with two o's and nothing else will do.
He spelled pupil right and who does that in their second/third language?

And stuff.

So with a few of those tricks out of the way, "what are you trying to do?"
If you're "just learning a language" we can do that in a couple other threads. We're trying to work out that you don't need more serious tech help.

I'm a funny dumb birdie. My language skills are incredible but my tech makes you want to cry in four languages including two you don't know yet!

-TaoPhoenix (January 27, 2015, 08:06 AM)
--- End quote ---

I know programs like ANKI

I have solved the problem with memoriser and windows 7, but I need long phrases.

I memorize better repeating writing of a phrase.

I don't remember is ANKI - a leitner family program - is able to produce quizzes with writing down the answer to complete a line.
I use some time ago another great flashback program .

Let me see in my database...

Memory Lifter is a good one i remember and anki also.

are SRS space repetition system

Do you know any similar to memoriser ?


Contro: -> maybe have a look at the adverts as well

The important word here is "flashcards"

-Curt (January 27, 2015, 11:53 AM)
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But I need able to enter twice the phrase to repeat.

I have found a flashcard program for this

only memoriser
and is out of development

I've been using Q-FlashCards for over a year. I find it very useful.

I tried this with ANKI with no results some years ago


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