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Rewriting little memory

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I've been using Q-FlashCards for over a year. I find it very useful.
-Deozaan (January 27, 2015, 02:25 PM)
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Are you sure you can do this ?

I think Anki is too difficult.


To learn properly, you need textbooks, teachers, or exposure to real-world sentences

You do not learn, if you do not understand.-SuperMemo
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Maybe video will be better for you:

Perhaps is too difficult
The addon for anki don't exists
and the ability to control each key denote the phrase must be not very long
So memoriser is the adequate to memorize short phrases or words, or numbers.
But not entire phrases o papers (roles)

What about line memorization software (rehearsal...)


Finally I have adapted memoriser to my needs.
Or perhaps i must to said I have adapted to memoriser maximum phrase length



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