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*NIX: Favorite GUI File Managers?

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Any favorite GUI file managers?

Until a few days ago, was using PCManFM, but do to certain difficulties, went "shopping" and am now trying out SpaceFM (mentioned a bit back by Steven Avery).

There's a list of *nix-only ones at Wikipedia's Comparison of file managers page but I seem to have trouble linking to it directly :)


But ofc it's not native ;)

Ah, the Wine route!  Thanks for the reminder :)


After I installed that one in Mint 16 on a VM, I had no trouble accessing network drives, it is a dual pane file manager and native.

I've been experimenting with Rodent File Manager.

Don't know if I'd call it a favorite since I'm not a big file manager power user for reasons I've given elsewhere. That said, RFM is pretty powerful and fast. Bit of a geek PITA to install but instructions can be found here.

For general purpose day to day use, Mint's default file manager Nemo works just fine for me.


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