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*NIX: Favorite GUI File Managers?

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I haven't used Krusader in a long time -- but the last time I had KDE installed, I remember being happy with it (especially the KIO slave functionality).

I'll give Rodent a try.

Well, I do like and use file managers. And for the same reasons I despise Windows explorer, others love it. Ah well, another thread, another discussion.

For some reason(s) Nemo wouldn't access files on my Windows shares through samba when installed in my VM (VirtualBox 4.3.8 made portable). Then I went to look for alternative file managers within Mint, found Krusader and five minutes later accessing my Windows shares through Samba was no problem anymore. Besides Krusader I didn't add anything else. Nemo remained stubborn, but then, who cares, Krusader did/does the job more than fine.

This strengthened my view regarding OS native file managers. Nice if they work for you, for me they absolutely don't. Now I'm not a Krusader fanboy, after seeing that name in the repositories I remembered that on a previous attempt with Linux I was looking for a Dopus clone (v4 or higher) and this name looked promising back then. Never got around to trying it out at that time.

Never bothered to look any further though...and that is often one of the fun things to do in Linux :-)

Mmm, a digression :)

(VirtualBox 4.3.8 made portable)
-Shades (March 17, 2014, 08:07 PM)
--- End quote ---

I know of:

Do you know of another?

The first link contains the software I used to make VirtualBox portable. After that I never felt a need to look anywhere else to be honest.

However, a Google search revealed this link



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